External Service

CBG works for customers country wide with 2 regional branches with 4 external service vehicles and specialist external service technicians conforming to CAT standards.

Hydraulic System
Electronic System

In titles above ,advanced performance tests and calibrations with licensed special equipments and complete kidney loop show CBG Service Team's difference in external service operations. In addition, services in the title of Equipment Management are also inseparable parts in external service operations.

CBG's all external service operations are performed by technicians who are specially trained for customer relations without sacrificing factors like job safety and contamination control.

Full Maintenance Agreement provides you not to think ambiguity in maintenance and repairment plans but what you need is "peace". Thus you can focus on your job.

Besides standards including Maintenance and Repair Agreement; it includes all maintenance, planned overhaul and unexpected repairments.

There is a maintenance and repairment crew in agreement content. Thanks to early examination of this crew, problems can be seen in advance and with this repairments can be done before any problem happens.

All maintenances and repairments are secured by CBG. What is aimed by using machines in the best condition is to maximize productivity. All documented, history records will help to protect your machine's value.