Our company has well-defined HSE policies, which are in line with our Clients policies. These policies were drawn with the understanding of the nature of our business in engineering constructions & allied business with reference to the acceptable safety, health, and environmental practices. The policies are flexible and easy to read and understand by any category of worker in our operations.

These policies are drawn out for the understanding of the management and the workforce in order to perform their duties in such a way that all operational risks associated with our daily activities can be reduced and all forms of safety, health and environmental exposure to hazard can be properly managed.

Samples of our corporate HSE Policies are made available on our information board accessible to all persons. Copies of these policies are displayed at our project locations, workshops, and other operational sites.

Management of the company carefully and scrupulously observes the requirements of HSE, making them mandatory in various fields of activity of Construction Business Group LLC.