Construction Business Group LLC has been operating since 2019, and despite its short existence, the company has contributed to many domestic construction projects.

Inspired by the President’s care and attention to the projects being implemented in our country, our team is utterly committed to fulfilling our mission.

Along with successfully implementing projects in Azerbaijan, our company expands its activities beyond the country: we are involved in projects in Georgia and Kazakhstan, which play an important role in the socio-economic development of these countries.

In our work, we are guided by the principles of mutual respect and trust among all participants of the business process: our customers, clients, partners, financial institutions and employees. We strongly believe that the road to success passes through fruitful cooperation based on mutual understanding.

With this in mind, we are determined to pursue advanced strategic development vectors in our future activities, to apply best practices in our work within the existing realities and opportunities and thus to actively participate in the development of the local and foreign construction sector.