Construction Business Group has developed a QA/QC system according to ISO 9001.

One of the main factors in the success of company in the c Real Inshaat has developed a QA/QC system according to ISO 9001 construction business is its total commitment awards effective implementation of its established Quality Management System. The success in the implementation of Quality Management System is attributed to the company’s Management ability in emphasizing to all its personnel the importance of providing and maintaining good quality work through continuous personnel training & orientation programs.

For the effective implementation of company’s Quality Management System, company has a separate team of Quality Assurance and they monitor the implementation of the system and audit the system in accordance with the annual audit schedule and with client requirements.

QA/QC Department has different teams to perform vendor inspection, project inspection in all disciplines such as Civil, Mechanical, Welding, Painting & Coating, Electrical, Instrumentation, Telecommunication.